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Everyone puts their spin on things...
and no one's a bigger critic of my work than me,
but, a great many music lovers with educated ears and forums
to express their musical views have been kind in their
assessments of our music.
It means a lot to us...

International CD Reviews
Real Roots Meet & Greet 2004, Belgium

Rootstown 2003, Belgium

US CD Reviews

"...blending slices of rock, blues, Cajun and Tejano with his soulful voice... Faulkner crafts an opus as individualistic as the territory that inspired it..." - The Dallas Morning News

"...this project stands up against any major label release. It doesn't deserve to be lost in that big ol' stack of CDs next to your desk." - The Album Network

"Great title for a great album...One of those strong albums that come once in a blue moon." - Buscadero Magazine, Italy - (Selected one of the top American albums of the year)

"...A sterling guitarist with a melancholy, sandstorm voice and a literary professor's way with a phrase, Faulkner is a talent sparkling in intensity and vision." -The New London Day, New London,CT

Selected an "Essential Texas CD" - Buddy Magazine

"...only Tom Faulkner's Texico - a sprawling state of mind that melds Cajun, Texan and New Mexican seasonings with rural acoustic blues, pop balladry, country and folk-pop - is a territory whose borders are solely melodic" - The Dallas Observer

"...timeless music from beginning to end (with) no filler should have Lost in the Land of Texico in your CD collection" - Texas National News

"From behind the wheel of a car, Dallas-raised Tom Faulkner has found inspiration for music and stories in the panorama of Texas." - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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