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  When we released "Texico" in 1997, we hoped it would touch people in a special way... one at a time. We want to thank all of you from all over the world who have taken the time to write us and share your thoughts. You will never know how your encouraging words have kept us going. Raise The Roof has barely emerged, yet your kind words are already rolling in. Thanks...

Fat Tuesday with Dr John - Glass Cactus, Dallas, TX

About Raise The Roof...
I've got it and it's great. Ya gotta love a musician whose passion is glaringly evident in each song. Tom has certainly done well in teaming up with Adrian, who's an awesome muscian and a tremendous compliment to Tom's "Texas Blues" style of music... The greater population is missing out on his talent. What a pity" K.B., Colorado Springs

I got a chance to listen to your CD and it is really incredible! I was amazed at the depth and variety of the instruments and the vocals are fantastic. I must admit that I knew nothing about you but I really think that you are an amazing talent. I hope that more people like myself get a chance to get acquainted with your music. Jim Olson, Olson Guitars, MN

The words, the tunes, the voice, the emotions, the soul … what a prefect blend. It is hard to believe this much talent can be contained within just a few people. I'm sure that the day your path crossed Adrian's, the stars were aligned perfectly somewhere. I understand now why it took so long!! Was it worth the wait? Definitely!!! Thank you for taking your time with it. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with all of us. You are truly blessed! - K.T. Tawakoni, TX

You guys have done it again Tom! "Lost" has been my favorite CD since I got my hands on it... "Raise the Roof" was definitely worth waiting for! When I listen to your music I feel as though I am coming home...your voice and this wonderful music makes me feel embraced by the spheres. S.F. Ft. Worth

WOW! Great stuff! I can't seem to take this CD out of the player--it may have a hole burned in it by now. L.F., TX

If I could make a CD, I'd want mine to be like this. I compare the quality production of this CD against ANY other I've ever heard...Cajun rock, blues, some nice ballads, spanish/mexican hint in some songs. You'll NEVER make fun of the accordion again! B.D. Colorado Springs

I love the way you hear. The production is superb. As good as your debut. You're making me want to quit my job to take accordion lessons. B.G. Knoxville, TN

Every song gets richer with every listen, and my ears, they yearn for more. P.S., Atlanta, GA

...and to think I thought you're 1st one was good, Silly Me.. I think this one is going to be one of those "Start to Finish" Great Ones. B.B. Reno,NV

nd a most gracious review by a renouned internet journalist outside of San Francisco, CA...

About Lost In The Land of Texico...
I sat on a lawnchair right in front (at a concert in Houston) and was absolutely hypnotized by your musicianship. Now I know what it sounds like to distill life into music. What is "Texico" but the closer unity of people?"
G.C., Woodlands, TX

"Lost in the land of Texico - simply the best record I bought this year." P.A.,Paris, France

"Just bought Lost in the land of Texico . What a musical experience!." P.,Tulsa, OK

"So many times we don't hear from the people that are affected by our music. That's why I wanted to write. I wanted to thank you for your inspiration in my life.I've been listening to your CD for months" (from another composer),
C.H., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"I saw you at Bedford Blues Festival and was blown away. I bought the CD and it's one of my favorites." JK, Dallas

"Thanks Tom, Yours is some of the best "Teximexilouisibluesirockncono music I've ever heard. My ears are still singing..." J.S., Arlington, TX

"The quality of the disk is probably the best of all that I own. How did you get it so crisp and clear." N.L., N. Carolina

" have managed to fill space with a wonderous sound" C.W.,Temecula,CA

"As I write this, I have my Tom Faulkner CD playing ... it helps me get through the day." K.H., Texas

"Great. Indeed grandiose. The CD is very beautiful, as few in one year ."
C.C., Italy

"Tom's music is so wonderfully crafted and diverse that it has been difficult to stop listening. So many others are borrowing my CD that I may need to order another one" C.C., Texas

"Just a short note to let you know that I heard one cut on the radio and had to have the CD. I ordered it and it was worth the wait." J., California

"...I'm sitting listening to Lost in the Land of Texico, which reaffirms my opinion that you are one of the few rare and gifted artists that can illustrate the beautiful scenery of places of the heart I have been and long to go to again and again" K.D., Dallas, TX

"There's a bloody distance from Texico to the Alps, but let me tell you that Tom Faulkner's work sounds really good to me. Thank You" R.C., Italy

"Heard Tom at The Bedford Blues Festival. Awesome..."P.N.,Richardson,TX

"I recently picked up a copy of your CD (and quickly bought another copy for a friend). I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. "
P.P., University of Maryland

"Man you got a good record there! Your writing is great, the playing is outrageous, and technically the thing leaves me breathless" S.C., Dallas, TX

"...from one songwriter to another, thanks for making such a thoughtful recording " D.W., Houston, TX

"Your voice, guitar and lyrics convey feelings so have distinctly your own sound" N.C., Texas

Serrano Records exists solely because of the blessings of those who embrace the music and "spread the word".

Thank you all. Keep in touch.