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Adrian Cabello: One of the finest Tejano accordion players ever to come out of Texas. I met Adrian while recording a radio commercial for Coors Light in 1992. Our working relationship grew steadily as recording for Texico progressed. He is an excellent keyboard player and bassist as well and now performs all the keyboard parts live. He's also an amazing engineer. I knew when I started Raise The Roof, that he was the logical person to co-produce it with me. He played a myriad of other instruments on the new CD. Just look.

Dan "Wojo" Wojciechowski: When I started Texico, I approached Dan with some of the songs and we just clicked. He had a real feel for what I was trying to accomplish and became the real foundation for the first CD. He is currently tours with LeAnn Rimes and Olivia Newton John, and played on LeAnn's last two award winning, multi-platinum albums. His chops on Why Should I are awesome.

Sean McCurley: When Dan left to join LeAnn on the road, I was a bit down at first for I feared not being able to find someone of his caliber that really felt what we were doing. Out of the blue came Sean. He's an extraordinary drummer that brought amazing depth and vision to RTR. My favorite is Chulatown... wow! He tours with Warner Bros. jazz phenom, Kirk Whalum. If only he had a sense of humor....(right).

Bobby Gentry: The best that Texas has to offer in a bass player, Bobby and I have worked together for fifteen years on projects. Additionally, he is an excellent recording engineer and producer, so he brought a great deal of taste, talent and inspiration to both albums.

Brady Mosher: He is one of the finest guitar players I've ever heard. He knows how to fill a pocket just right and he's an invaluable asset to the band when he's available. When I was getting started I heard him play in a club and thought, 'If only I could play wiht Brady some day...' It finally happened.

Jamey Perrenot: When I finished Texico, I started looking for a guitar player who could share the parts I created on the CD and take them to the next level in a live setting. I found the right person in Jamey, a virtouso player. He played on the Raise the Roof CD... his solo on Vaya con Dios is awesome. Jamey has moved to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams. He's sure to find them because he's just that good... Vaya con Dios, buddy. We'll play again soon.

Pat Peterson: You may know her as the long time vocalist for John Mellencamp. She is truly a gifted percussionist as well and her stage presence is unrivaled. We just try to keep up with her energy level... good luck. Her soulful voice always adds the same great dimension to the live show that it did on the album. Her spirit and faith gives us all strength.